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How much will I save over the cost of replacement ?

Refinishing your bathtub will save you thousands of dollars over bathtub replacement. A new bathtub may only cost $200, there are several hidden costs to replacement such as removal and disposal cost, plumbing alterations, and tile work. These costs add up, and you can easily end up spending $3,500 tand in some cases $12,000 plus down time to replace your bathtub.

How long does the bathtub refinishing process take?

Our refinishing process takes about 3.5 to 4 hours to complete. Your bathtub will be ready to use within 24hrs .

How long will my bathtub Glaze last?

The durability of a bathtub refinished by TUB KLASS is very similar to that of a brand new bathtub. If properly maintained and no abrasive chemicals are used for cleaning it will last you 10+ years just as a brand new bathtub .

Does TUB KLASS offer a warranty or guarantee?

TUB KLASS offers an industry leading 5 year warranty for residential work and 2 years for commercial jobs. Most refinishing companies offer industry- standard warranties which are pro- rated, meaning that the warranty's coverage decreases incrementally over time. Unlike these warranties, our guarantee covers 100% of any defects in workmanship or materials throughout the entire life of the guarantee.

Refinished bathtubs are often easier to clean than the original product. Make sure you use mild, non- abrasive cleaning products. Just as with a new bathtub, the finish or shine can be dulled by abrasive cleaners. Click the link to get a copy of our list

What about the SMELL?

Our technicians come equipped with a full ventilation system . Although you may notice a slight odor after we are finished, Our technitions use Cogent Coatings which is the lowest odor bathtub refinishing resin on the market this typically is gone in a few hours.

Do you repair chips and scratches in my bathtub

 Tub Klass technicians will fill in chips or other imperfections in your bathtub or other surface prior to the refinishing process, making your damaged porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass surface look smooth. Depending upon extent of damage, additional charges may apply. Your technician will alert you if they see anything that is out of the norm.

What other surfaces does TUB KLASS refinish?

Tub Klass can refinish any hard non porous surface including tile, sinks, countertops and vanities.

Can you refinish a tub that has been already refinished?

Tub Klass leads the industry with NON methylene chloride  stripping techniques. This allows us to refinish your bathtub as many times as you want without puting the technition or the environment at risk.

What if I have other questions that are not listed here?

Thats fine. you can always contact us by email or phone to ask your unique question. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions .

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